Thursday, 20 August 2015

Lesson 11 – Verb and preposition Collocations 3

Third English lesson about verb+preposition collocations. Review new verbs and their usual prepositions. You can also take a look at our lessons 9 and 10.

Explain (to) 
We usually say ‘explain something to someone’. E.g. The tutor explained the assignment to their students. 

Forgive (for) 
We use ‘forgive someone for something’. E.g. She´ll never forgive him for telling everyone her secret. 

Help (with/to) 
- We usually say ‘help someone with something’. E.g. Can you please help me with my homework.
- If we speak about an action we can say ‘help someone to do something’ E.g. Henry helped me to fix my car.

Hide (from) 
We usually say ‘hide something from someone’. E.g. The criminal hid the gun from the police.

Insist (on) 
We say ‘insist on something’. E.g. My mother is always insisting on giving me food for school. 

Invite (to) 
We say ‘invite someone to something. E.g. All the families were invited to the student festival.

Now you can try to write different sentences with the above verbs and do the below exercises. 
Exercise 1. Fill the gaps with the correct preposition 
1. Can you explain your idea ___ me?.
2. Parents are always forgiving their children ___ their faults.
3. I want to help you ___ your English.
4. Can you help me ___ move this table.
5. My mother used to hide the chocolate ___ me when I was a child.
6. The witness insisted ___ testifying despite the lawyer’s advice.
7. Can I invite you to my house ___ dinner. 

Exercise 2. Match the verb with the correct preposition 
1. Explain                              a. for
2. Forgive                              b. with
3. Help                                   c. to
4. Hide                                   d. to
5. Insist                                  e. from
6. Invite                                  f. on

Correct answers
Exercise 1.
  1. To 2. For 3. With 4. To 5. From 6. On 7. For
Exercise 2.
  1. To 2. For 3. With 4. From 5. On 6. to

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