Thursday, 30 July 2015

Lesson 10 – Verb and preposition Collocations 2

We continue today with our lessons about verb and preposition collocations in English.
Remember that collocations are two or more words that are often used together.

Believe (in) 
We use believe in something/someone. E.g. Do you believe in God?. I believe in my family.

Borrow (from) 
We borrow something from someone. E.g.: Can I borrow your pen?. I borrowed this car from my brother. 

Complain (to/about) 
We usually say ‘complain to someone about something’. E.g. On my last holiday I had to complain to the hotel manager about the noise in the room. 

Count (on/to) 
We usually say ‘count on someone to do something’. E.g. You can count on me to help you with your moving. 

Discuss (with) 
We usually say ‘discuss something with someone’ E.g. We discussed the final project with our tutor. 

Dream (about/of) 
We use ‘dream about’ to speak about our nocturnal dreams. E.g.: I dreamed about becoming a famous writer.
We use ‘dream of’ to speak about our goals/aspirations. E.g.: I dream of playing at Manchester United. 

Try now to do the exercise to practise the above collocations.

Exercise 1. Match the verb + with the correct preposition
  1. Count                                1. With someone
  2. Believe                              2. Of something
  3. Dream                               3. To someone
  4. Complain                          4. In someone/something
  5. Discuss                             5. From someone
  6. Borrow                             6. On someone

Exercise 2. Fill the gaps with the correct preposition
  1. The world runs better when people believe _____people
  2. I borrowed this bicycle _____ my neighbour
  3. If the room-mate continues making so much noise I will complain ___ the landlord ____ their behaviour.
  4. The team are counting ___ all their players ____ win the match
  5. Every country dreams ____ winning the Best country in the world competition.

Correct answers.
Exercise 1.
  1. Count on someone
  2. Believe in someone/something
  3. Dream of something
  4. Complain to someone
  5. Borrow from someone
  6. Discuss with someone
Exercise 2.
  1. In
  2. From
  3. To, about
  4. On, to
  5. Of

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