Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Lesson 12 – Common items of Lexis

In the next series of Just Ask lessons we will be looking at common items of lexis that are used in a range of different ways and can sometimes cause problems for learners.

Making Recommendations.

1. When visiting Waterford, there are several places which come highly recommended.

2. We really recommend that you spend a relaxing day looking at all the attractions in our beautiful city.

3. We can also recommend trying the fresh seafood that Waterford is famous for.

4. Where would you recommend we visit in your town? (You can put your suggestions in the comments below.)

When we want to advise someone to do something or visit somewhere, we can use the verb to recommend’, the adverb + adjective ‘highly recommended’ or the noun ‘recommendation’.

Luckily, here in Waterford, there are lots of things to do and places to visit that we are happy to recommend.

Exercise 1

‘Recommend’ is used in several different word patterns-can you match the patterns below to sentences 1-4 above. The answers is are at the bottom of the page.

a) Subject + recommend + verb_ing

b) Recommend + clause (subject + verb)

c) To be/come + adverb + adjective

d) Recommend + that + clause (subject+verb)

Exercise 2

Find and correct the mistakes in the following sentences.

a) She recommended me to go to the cathedral.

b) What do you recommend eat?

c) It’s a really recommended restaurant.

d) I recommend you visiting early in the morning.

e) I highly recommend that you trying the house speciality.

I hope this lesson helps when you are making recommendations.

If you would like to share some recommendations for things to see and do near your home, please put your ideas in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Try to use the different ways we’ve shown you how to make recommendations. See you next time!



Exercise 1   

a) 3   b) 4  c) 1   d) 2

Exercise 2

a) She recommended that I go to the cathedral.

b) What do you recommend eating?

c) It’s a highly recommended restaurant.

d) I recommend that you visit early in the morning.

e) I highly recommend that you try the house speciality.

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