Thursday, 2 July 2015

Lesson 7 – ‘SEE’, ‘LOOK’ AND ‘WATCH’

See’, ‘look’ and ‘watch’ are verbs with different meaning. However, they are easily confused.

See’ is used when something comes to our eyes without us making any effort. We are not focusing on that thing.
         -          I saw your father this morning when I was waiting in the bank queue.
         -          If you go for a walk in The People’s Park, you can see a lot of people there.

See’ is also used for arrangements or meeting someone.
         -          I am seeing my mother this afternoon.

Look’ is used with the preposition ‘at’, ‘look at’, and it means to see something with intention, we pay attention to  it.
         -          Look at this man, he looks like Maradona.
         -         If you turn right now you will be looking at the most beautiful views in the city.

Watch’ is similar to look, but we usually use for watching long events, or something which is moving.
         -          Did you watch the movie last night?
         -          We can watch the match tonight.

Improve your English by doing the exercise. You can find the correct answers at the bottom of this page.

Exercise 1. Use the correct form of see, look at, and watch to fill the gaps.

1.       ________ this picture, it was taken in Prague.
      2.       This morning I _______ a plane flying really close to the ground.
      3.       Could you _______ this text for two minutes.
      4.       I like _________ my brothers playing football.
      5.       I am _________ this travel magazine.
      6.       Did you ________ the hurling match yesterday night.
      7.       I _______ what you mean.
      8.       I like _______ my sons playing together.
      9.       My mother has gone to ______ the doctor.
     10.   Can you ______ the cake for me, it is in the oven.
     11.   What about _______ a movie this night.
     12.       If you _______ the wall you will ______ the spider.

Correct answers.
 1. Look at / 2. saw / 3. look at / 4. watching / 5.looking at / 6. Watch / 7. See / 8.watching / 9. See / 10.look at or watch /  11. Watching / 12. Look at, see.

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