Friday, 19 June 2015

Lesson 5 - 'MAKE' AND 'DO'

Many students confuse  ‘make’ and ‘do’. In this new lesson we learn the difference between them and some collocations with examples to help you.
Both verbs can have similar meanings, but they are not interchangeable.

Meanings of the verb MAKE: It is normally used for describing actions which we choose to do, and also for producing, creating, manufacturing, construct or building and arranging.
Meaning of the verb DOIt is normally used for actions, obligations and repetitive tasks. Synonyms are: execute, perform, fulfil.

Some Collocations with make:
Make food: E.g. make breakfast, make supper, make soup, make salad, make tea….
Make plans or decisions: E.g. Make a plan, make a decision, make a mistake, make researches…
Make money: E.g. Make a fortune, make a living, make ends meet, make 500€
For communications and relationships: E.g. make friends, make a call, make a complaint, make a joke, make a comment, make a promise, make a excuse.
Make something tangible: produce, manufacture, construct, and build. E.g. make furniture, make automobiles, make cloths, make houses, make a door…

Some Collocation with do:
Work/ study: E.g. do work, do homework, do a good job, do an English course, do a paperwork, do a report, do a business, do a deal
Do something with your body: E.g. Do exercise, do sports, do your hair.
Do something right, wrong…: do well, do good, do wrong, do a favour, do your best, do great, do the right thing
Do housework: do the dishes, do the room, do the cleaning, do the cooking, do the shopping

Exercise 1
Fill the gaps with the correct form of the verb Make or Do:
1.       My mother is___________ a really special dinner for my birthday.
2.       The factory closed last year, they used to ___________ kitchen furniture
3.       Could you __________ me a favour.
4.       You should __________ your homework before going to the bed.
5.       I can _________ the salad while you _______ the dishes.
6.       When I arrived at the hotel I needed to ___________ an urgent phone call.
7.       Good Morning, I would like to ___________ an appointment with Mr. Smith.
8.       I want to ______ some outdoor activities this afternoon.
9.       I will __________ a reservation in my wife’s favourite restaurant for the next Saturday.
10.   Sorry about that, It was my fault, I __________ a big mistake.
11.   He _________ a fortune playing cards.

Exercise 1
1.       Making
2.       Make
3.       Do
4.       Do
5.       Make, do
6.       Make
7.       Do
8.       Make
9.       Make
10.   Made
11.   Made

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